How this all started...

When I was a kid my father used to buy me a lot of paint pens, I used to enjoy my time drawing different things. I went to college and studied graphic design, from there my perspective of life totally changed, I confirmed my passion for design when I was in the third year of my career, I realized that web design and development was a great opportunity for a business. So, I decided to take extra credits to learn about web development.

Once I finished my studies, I worked for several marketing agencies from outside of the United States. Working with different Marketing Agencies opened my overview of how I could create a great impact in this industry. I understood the client’s desire to transmit the right message to the audience and how to integrate this to end up having an amazing site that truly expresses who they really are while driving results.

Slide "To maximize your blessings
you must be the blessing to others"
- Ricardo Diaz de La Vega

In 2013, I opened DreamsCommerce™ in New York. I consider myself an adventured person, you never know how far you can go until you find yourself at the edge of what came before and what has never been. Or, as I see it, the collision of what is timeless and what is timely. So, I created DreamsCommerce™ to serve those courageous risk-takers and committed to a partnership, a vision, to an idea, and to be true to your past while innovating into the future.

Through the years, we have partnered and worked for large respected companies such as United Nations, Farmers Insurance, Peru To The World Expo, CPR123, Dominican Film Festival, Latin Maps, Shell, Elaine Lafferty, Frito Lay and many more. Thanks to each great experience with all our clients, my team and I understand what matters the most on a site is that it must truly express your essence and multiply your influence, making a meaningful difference in your business.


Company visions change with the time, but the values people hold to guide them towards that vision are priceless and unforgettable. Here are the DreamsCommerce’s core values that we bring to every client.


What Is Our Secret?

From day one, Ricardo made his decision to base his company on this foundation, which is his spiritual faith. Over the years, this has helped the company grow on their values and morals of respect, unity, and commitment. The goal is to help people reach their goals and provide that service in excellence, portraying patience, kindness, sacrifice of hard work and comprehension for clients.

Slide DreamsCommerce™ couldn't be where it's now without the help of the right people. I believe finding a group of people who challenge and inspire you and spend time with them will change your life then success takes care of itself. MEET OUR TEAM

Words from our founder

I have met many business leaders and professionals with great ideas and passion. However, a great website needs to be designed and developed in the right way, and it is not easy to know which way to choose, and often you get stuck on tricky issues and considerations.

As a leader or professional, your decisions and actions are of paramount importance to your business. You have to partner with the right team, that walks you through the success that grows your business and spreads your message by unleashing the power of your website.

With many years of experience in the marketing field, I have had the first-hand experience of seeing how 98% of influencers failed to create impact, and that was one of the biggest reason  because nowadays DreamsCommerce™ exists,

We want to produce tangible results for our clients, we design personalized strategies to create permanent improvements in digital leadership.

At the heart of our growing and dynamic company, there is a diversity of consultants that are aligned with the corporate creative spirit. We are dreamers, doers, and innovators. People that get stuff done and have a blast along the way.

We focus on helping coaches, consultants, and influencers to achieve their business vision. It’s one of the least understood and least transparent aspects of marketing, and we see that as an opportunity. We’re excited to help your business to stand up and make the difference in the market increasing conversions in your website and online campaigns.

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