DreamsCommerce™ vs. Shopify

By adding DreamsCommerce’s full-featured online store to your website, you will be able to  add powerful e-commerce tools and retain your existing site which is not possible with Shopify. DreamsCommerce™ offers you many advantages over Shopify, including a great user experience, easier set-up and management, and much more affordable plans including a free plan. Find out why DreamsCommerce™ is the best Shopify alternative available with this helpful comparison chart and by learning more in our DreamsCommerce™ and Shopify review below.

Keep Your Existing Site
Start Over and be Locked-In

Setting up DreamsCommerce™ is quick and easy with the flexibility to add your online store to any CMS platform or custom site.

Must start from scratch and create a new website. Setting up Shopify requires a lot of time and technical know-how.

Free Support
Free Trial

Feature-rich free plan always available with tons of included features to run your online store.

Starter plan is $29/month and prices go up from there for other plans.

Tons of features included in free plan at no additional cost
Very few tools and additional features included
  • Wide range shipping carriers and options for free
  • Free real-time shipping tracking
  • Huge variety of payment options available for no additional cost
  • Customer history included in free plan
  • Free product search feature, product browser, minicart and more.
  • Many additional 3rd party apps require additional payment.
  • No coding standard as they use “liquid codes”
  • Customizing your store can be difficult and time-consuming, especially if you don’t have programming experience
  • Shopify uses a lot of confusing jargon to describe features that can be difficult to understand
Easy to Start
Lengthy Setup Process

Simple wizard guides you to set up products, shipping, payments in minutes without needing a web developer and integrates seamlessly with existing website.

Requires building out an entire site in addition to a store before you can start selling and customization may require a developer to build out your store.


DreamsCommerce™, on the other hand, offers a great free alternative to Shopify when it comes to set-up and maintenance. DreamsCommerce’s easy to follow set-up wizard ensures that your store is ready to sell by the time you finish setting up. Your DreamsCommerce™ online store can be seamlessly added to any new or existing website, and even your Facebook page, which offers you complete control over the look, feel and function of your site. Getting started with DreamsCommerce™ requires only a few simple steps and then you can begin easily uploading your product information and start selling to your customers. Once you’re set-up, you can then easily customize and manage virtually every component of your store, including appearance and function, using DreamsCommerce’s user-friendly control panel.

Alternatively, DreamsCommerce™ always offers a feature-rich free plan, and the more advanced plans cost much less than Shopify with the Venture plan starting at $15. Our comprehensive business plan is only $35 per month and our unlimited plan is only $99 per month. Even better, there are no hidden fees for additional features and you can use any payment provider without having to pay more. You’ll always have access to DreamsCommerce’s tremendously powerful features, which we are constantly improving and expanding.

DreamsCommerce™, however, serves as a great Shopify alternative as the language used for set-up and management are very straightforward and easy to understand. DreamsCommerce™ will walk you through all of the steps of getting set up and explain them clearly. Customizing your online store with DreamsCommerce™ and utilizing the many features is incredibly easy to do as well, even if you’ve had no experience with e-commerce or coding.


Shopify requires that you use their website builder to create your online store, which is not only time-consuming, but doesn’t give you the flexibility to add your store to an existing site. This greatly limits your creative control for the look and feel of your website, and you are then locked into the Shopify website. If you ever wish to cancel you Shopify store you’ll lose everything that you designed, and only have a CSV file to export your product information. Customizing and maintaining your online store with Shopify also requires significant technical knowledge, and an understanding of their confusing liquid coding.

Shopify costs significantly more than DreamsCommerce™ across the board. Even before calculating transaction fees the introductory price starts at $14 per month for a very basic starter plan, and then quickly jumps to $29 per month for more features and $179 for their unlimited plan. In addition, many of Shopify’s third party apps add additional charges and fees that can really add up quickly. For anyone looking to run a professional online store with many of the features they’ll likely need, Shopify will end up costing quite a bit in the end.

The language and design used by Shopify can be very confusing to most users as they use lots of jargon that is unique to their site alone. This can make setting-up and managing an online store very difficult and tedious. The Shopify Liquid set-up and customization can also be very foreign to many users and requires them to learn an entirely different approach and language for setting up their online store.

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