Slide To support small businesses affected by COVID-19, we’re giving away premium e-commerce tools for free through the end of 2021. START NOW

These are difficult times for small business owners. At DreamsCommerce™, we understand the struggles facing small businesses, and we want to help in any way we can. To make it easier for small business owners to move their businesses online, we’re giving away access to premium e-commerce tools — like curbside pickup, gift cards, POS integration and dropshipping — for free through the end of 2021.

Read on to find out what tools we’ll be offering for free, and don’t hesitate to reach out through our support team if there’s anything else we can do to help your business during this time.

  • Curbside
  • Set up your own e-commerce store with curbside pickup in minutes. Perfect for any small business that wants to offer online ordering and in-vehicle pickup.

  • Gift
  • Can’t offer immediate solutions for customers? Make gift cards available to let shoppers purchase in advance.

  • Point-of-Sale Integration
  • Got POS? Connect your POS system to DreamsCommerce and in minutes you can start selling online. Inventory, taxes, shipping, and orders all sync automatically.

  • Need Products to Sell?
  • Select finished products from DreamsCommerce's dropship partners to resell in your store. The dropshipper will hold the inventory and ship direct to the buyer

Instantly add DreamsCommerce
to any website or have our team to build one for you.

Easily add our eCommerce software to your existing website anywhere in the world or create a website from scratch in minutes. If you need professional assistance we can help you to build your entire eCommerce Brand.

ZERO transaction fees

Your customers may be staying home, but that doesn’t mean they stopped shopping. With DreamsCommerce™, whenever your customer places an order online for pick-up or delivery, you’ll keep 100% of the profits.

Live support

Get expert support, whenever you need it.

Steps to protect your business
and customers during COVID-19

Take your business online.

  • Use an e-commerce platform like DreamsCommerce™ to enable customers to purchase online from home.
  • Connect more sales channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon and setup online advertising to reach additional shoppers.
  • Customize your store. Choose from 75+ design themes and customize text labels throughout your online store.


  • Move from cash to online payments with gateways like Stripe or Square.
  • Add Gift Cards to let shoppers buy when stocks are low (now available free to any business on DreamsCommerce).
  • Choose online platforms with low or no transaction fees (DreamsCommerce™ merchants always enjoy zero transaction fees on purchases in their stores).


  • Add curbside pickup to let customers pick up purchases with less contact.
  • Consider adding local delivery or shipping for customers in your area who ordinarily visit your retail locations.
  • Use gloves when packing and/or delivering your products to customers.

Customer Communication

  • Promote Gift Cards to let customers buy at anytime.
  • Use email notifications or the Checkout Notices app from the DreamsCommerce™ App store to let customers know how they can support you, current hours of operation, if you’re closing for any period of time, or if you expect delays.
  • Share the measure you’re taking to protect and support your customers, like wearing gloves when packing or offering curbside pickup.
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